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How You Can Make Money And Stay In The Festive Spirit In OSRS?

The holidays are getting extra close, we have logs on the fire, gifts under the tree and we are making sure we are the number one place to buy osrs gold as we have it at a very low price for the Christmas holidays! We thought we would have some fun by showing you some festive(such Christmas) ways that you can make money in Old School Runescape. These are not going to make your rich, they are just for fun.

How You Can Make Money And Stay In The Festive Spirit In OSRS?

1. Shooting Ice Trolls With Pudding!

For this one, you want to be on the island that is North of Jatizso. It is actually pretty easy to get to. Once you get there, you will be in a winter wonderland that is overrun by ugly Ice Trolls. Thankfully, Ice Trolls actually drop some pretty good stuff, but the way you can make this extra festive is by using a cannon as the cannon here is going to not be shooting cannonballs, but Christmas puddings! There is nothing more festive than getting loot to sell that you have obtained by killing Ice Trolls with a Christmas snack.

2. Hunting Polar Kebbits In Rellekka

This is a little weird, but he it is a snow covered paradise and if you have your Santa hat on, you will get the Christmas spirit in no time. Basically what you do is inspect a small hole and then Kebbit footprints will show up in the show. Follow them around and you will start to find them, hunt them down, catch them all and get your Polar Kebbit fur, which when made into Polar Camo tops and bottoms, can make you a nice amount of money, all the while making you get in the Christmas spirit.

These are just a couple of ways that you can get in the festive spirit while playing Old School Runescape and make a little money in the process. Thanks for reading and if you are looking to buy Old School Gold take advantage of our special deals during the holidays.

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