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How You Can Improve Your Old School RS Experience?

One thing that we have heard from people who come here to buy Old School Runescape gold is how they used to have friends that loved OSRS but lost interest. This could be for a number of reasons, but today we have a few ways that can make your OSRS experience even better!

How You Can Improve Your OSRS Experience

1. Shift-Click Dropping

Some people are still right clicking stuff and then pressing drop… it is a pain in the butt, but you can go to the options menu and make it so with the simple press of shift and left click, you can drop items. It makes mundane tasks so much more tolerable, especially when power leveling.

2. Use Key Binding!

It is crazy how more people do not make use of this. Instead of clicking every single little thing, you can assign certain things to the F keys. So rather than having to go through menus, you just tap the required F key and it brings the menu you want up. It is a small thing, but it makes the overall OSRS experience so much better and smoother.

3. Smashing Vials

If you talk to a Barbarian Guard, you can then get the ability to "smash" Vials. What this does is when you use a potion, you do not have to manually get rid of the Vials which clog up your inventory. This is a huge time saver and it makes doing things like bosses and Slyer a lot more efficient. Just know that you will have to do the bar crawl quest to use this ability.

These are three very simple tips, but they make playing Old School Runescape so much better. So make sure you are using these tips to make your OSRS a more smooth and fun one.

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