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How You Can Get Lots Of Charms By Cannoning Dagannoths?

As we have had a lot of fun making sure that you guys have the best place to buy rs gold we also wanted to share with you a very interesting method we found for getting a ton of Crimson Charms (and some other Charms too) by cannoning Dagannoths.

We did not actually come up with this method a Runescape YouTuber called, puretppc did. While we could have just copied and pasted his method for doing this here, we felt it would be easier for you guys to follow his guide as you have to do it exactly the way he does in order to cash in…. and what can you cash in?

Expenses: Well to start with let’s look at how much money you are going to have to spend to actually do this. He used around 4 thousand cannonballs and this came at a cost of 1.7 m. So it is not the cheapest method in the world, but it actually works.

Charms: So for all your hard work, you can expect to get a ton of different Charms. Of course, the ones you really want are those Crimson Charms and in just an hour he got, 685 Crimson Charms by cannoning Dagannoths. He also got, 328 Gold, 170 Green and 22 Blues.

XP: Of course as is the case with any method like this, you can expect to get some XP as well. For his hour he earned, 558k total combat XP which is quite nice. As well as this though there was also 387k magic XP and 171k ranged XP

Be sure to have a good look at the method and give it a try. A couple of people in the office have tried it and it works like a charm (sorry for the terrible pun) also be sure to head to our new Runescape section where you can buy rs3 gold cheap!

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