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How To Train Magic

While you very well may have come here as you need some of that Old School Runescape Gold today we also have some great tips for you to go along with your great value windfall. We all know that Magic is one of the best skills to specialize in and today we are looking at a pretty straightforward way you can train Magic.

How To Train Magic

1-19: Ok so this is pretty boring, but casting strike spells is what you want to do here. If you go to Lumbridge and speak to the Magic Tutor you can get some free Runes. We would also recommend you use Staff Of Air and Wizard Robes.

19 - 33: We recommend that you have a full armor set and a Staff Of Water for this. Find a safe spot and just go nuts casting curse on anything you can. What you are trying to do is splash on your target continuously.

33 – 43: For this, you need the Staff Of Water, Weight Reducing Gear, and an armor set. This is basically the same steps as before, but this time you will also be using telegrab. Remember, splashing your enemies is the key here so make sure you have that armor equipped. If you have Falador Teleport Runes, use these to teleport back when your inventory is full.

43 – 55: This is all about superheating! While you can mine yourself. You are better actually buying ore and then superheating them. You can then sell them to make a very nice profit. As you would expect, Staff Of Fire is what you need to use here.

55 – 80: Using the Fire Staff you will be high alching. This is the most common way to train magic, but man is it boring so make sure you have a good movie or YouTube on while you are doing it.

80 – 87: This time the Mud Staff is what you will want to be using. This is the same as the cursing and alching you have been doing before. But by now you will have Stun which is a much better spell to use. One pro tip is that you do not have to wait for the animation to finish before you cast stun again.

87 – 99: Once you have reached level 87, you will have learned the Enchant Onyx spell. With this, you can go to the Mage Arena and head into the Enchanting Area where you can enchant until your heart's content and you reach level 99.

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