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How To Make Money Right Away In A F2P Old School Runescape Account

While the easiest way you can get Safe OSRS Gold is by coming to us. We know that for a new player, a free to play kind of player. They want a nice and quick way to make some GP in the game. Well, today we have some very simple ways that you can make this happen.

How To Make Money Right Away In A F2P Old School Runescape Account


Right from the start of the game cross the river that is east and then head north. After a short walk, you will come across a field that has potatoes in it. Now, most of the stuff they give you at the start of the game is useless. Dump what you do not need and fill your inventory up with all the potatoes you can. These are always going to be in demand and you can easily make a thousand by selling a full inventory of potatoes. You can do this in mere minutes of starting the game.

Pick Up Peoples Ashes

We are not talking about their ashes after they have fallen! But ashes from making fires. Usually, at the grand exchange, you will see lots of fire burning. Or if there is not you can go the Varrock West Bank where there will be. You can do this right after you have sold your potatoes. Picking up the ashes, you can then sell them as people use them to train Herblore. You can make some quick, easy and free GP by doing this.

Are these two methods going to make you rich? No, they are not, but they can be done right at the start of a free to play game of Old School Runescape and it is a good way to ensure you have a little more money in your pocket.

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