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How To Get First Age Prayer Outfit

Today we have some great news for you. First of all, we have some super cheap Runescape Gold on special offer right now. But also we want to tell you why you guys need to be making your tracks to try and get yourself the awesome First Age Prater Outfit.

How Do I Get It?

This is actually available as a very rare prize from Treasure Hunter, but you can also buy it in the game. You can buy it from the Shady Ghost and he charges 1 thousand Ecto Tokens for each item to make up the outfit so you are looking at around 5,000. The asking price is more than fair, even if getting Ecto Tokens can be a bit of a chore. We recommend that you follow a step by step guide on YouTube to help get you the Ecto Tokens as painlessly as possible.

So you may be asking yourself what is so great about the First Age Prayer outfit? Well, first of all, it looks pretty neat. It has a kind of ragged, Hawaiian beach bum kind of thing going on and that is cool. But in the world of Runescape, looks are not everything. With all five pieces of the outfit on, you get a very nice 6 percent Prayer bonus!

This has actually been available from the Shady Ghost since March, but not as many people have taken advantage of it as we thought they would have so if you are all about Prayer, you need to get this outfit.

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