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How To Get A Hobgoblin Champion Scroll In Runescape?

One of the things we recently got chatting with a fellow Runescape player who came here to buy Runescape Gold about was Hobgoblin Champion Scrolls. So we thought today, we would let you know how you can get one of these scrolls so that you can take on the Champion in the minigame that is called the Campion's Challenge.

In order to face the Hobgoblin Champion you need to give Larxus a Hobgoblin Champion Scroll, but knowing where to find one can be tough as its drop rate is completely random. The only enemies that will drop these are Hobgoblins and these are the best places where you can find them.

Where You Can Find Hobgoblins?

West of the Crafting Guild there is a peninsula where they are known to roam.

In the God Wars Dungeon and just south of where you find General Graador is a good spot to find them, you can usually find a lot here.

The northern area of Rellekka, where you can find Rock Crabs is usually pretty infested with Hobgoblins.

Also just north of the Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon is a good place to look.

Some people get lucky and manage to get a Hobgoblin Champion Scroll after just killing a few Hobgoblins, but other people have said that it can take what feels like forever to get one. So if you have killed a load in one area and had no luck, try going to a different location and see if you have better luck there.

Thanks for reading and let us know how long it too you to find a Hobgoblin Champion Scroll. Also be sure to look at the special offers we have on at the moment as this is what makes us the best place online to buy RS3 Gold.

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