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How To Complete The Runescape G-Nome Project Christmas Event?

Everyone that us here at have spoken to has had a blast with the G-Nome Project, this year's Runescape Christmas event. It is fun, but also very quick and easy to do so that is why we are giving you this festive guide to help you out.

How To Complete The Runescape G-Nome Event

1. You need to talk to the Queen Of Snow who will ask you to find her husband, Santa Clause. You need to speak to Orla Fairweather, Aubury and Doc to see if they know anything. Santa was trying to make his prized clockwork gnome a real boy and now is missing.

2. The next part of the quest sees you needing to talk to Thurgo, he will not help you unless you bring him a Redberry Pie. He tells you that Santa went to the lair for the Queen Black Dragon and that is where you need to go next.

3. Once in her lair, after the cutscene plays out, she will eat you! Do not worry as Santa is in her belly along with his clockwork Gnome. Once you free them, Santa realizes that Rudolf is dead and asks you to pick up his ashes (which as we write this we realize is pretty damn dark!) you then get transported back to the Grand Exchange.

4. When you get back to the Grand Exchange, Santa will ask you to talk to Doc, Aubury, and Orla in order to try and bring his Gnome to life. They will help, but each one requires your assistance and you have to talk to them and do their work in this order, Doc, Aubury and then Orla.

5. Once you have tried all three methods of bringing the Gnome to life, talk to Santa who understandably is a little upset over the fact his Gnome is not alive and Rudolf is dead. Well, next you will be heading to the Lair Of The Phoenix with Rudolf's ashes in the hope to bring him back. Once the cutscene plays out, you will be back at the Grand Exchange where Aubury has an idea, which brings the Gnome to life and ends the quest.

This is a lot of fun and the only real work that you have to do is when you work for Doc, Aubury, and Orla. Apart from that, everything else is very easy to follow once you have initially spoken to the Queen Of Snow.

We hope you enjoy this event and if you are looking to buy Runescape Gold, let us know and we will let you know of any special offers we have!

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