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How Is Runescape Mobile Moving Along?

Recently we watched a very interesting video where the folks at Jagex were talking about how the game is progressing and we wanted to touch on that today with our thoughts. We have no doubt that Runescape Mobile and Old School Runescape Mobile are going to be huge and many of you will be on the lookout for cheap Runescape Gold, which we can, of course, help you out.

How Is Runescape Mobile Moving Along?

What we took from the video was that both versions of Runescape Mobile are coming along nicely, but what we really liked about this video was what Jagex was talking about. They talked time and time again about the UI and general performance of the game, even on lower end devices. It sounds like they want to make Runescape Mobile as much fun to play as possible.

From what we could see they are doing this by having most of the tabs be minimized and requiring the player to pull them out in order to use. It sounds like we are going to be able to customize these and that is cool. They talk about how on a mobile device, screen space is a premium so they did not want it too clunky.

Here at, we could not be any more excited about both versions of Runescape to hit mobile. Runescape is already a monster of a game, but when it hits the app store, we feel that it is opening up to a whole new audience and it will get even more popular.

We would love to know your thoughts on Runescape Mobile and also give you a heads up that you can buy Runescape Mobile Gold and buy Old School Runescape Mobile Gold very cheaply!

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