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How Is Runescape Mobile Going To Affect Your Phone?

The guys at Jagex have given us another update about Old School Runescape Mobile, which has had its beta pushed back a week or two to iron out a few kinks. Here at, we could not be any more excited for Old School Runescape Mobile and wanted to share this new information with you.

osrs mobile data and battery


Ok, so the actual app size of Old School Runescape Mobile is a little larger than Jagex thought it would be. It is currently coming in at around 100 MB. However, the reason for this increase is actually good as it means the app is pre-caching all of its data which means that it is not going to use up as much of your data. Originally Jagex thought that an hour of Old School Runescape Mobile would use around 103 MB per hour, but thanks to this and their number crunching it now is only going to use between 500 k and 2 MB per hour which is pretty incredible.


Even in 2018 battery life is an issue with phones! Surely the next big evolution in phones will be a battery that gives you more than a day’s use? Anyway, so far Jagex has stated that on average the battery drain rate when you are playing Old School Runescape Mobile will between 8 and 12 percent per hour. Of course, there is no easy answer to this as it depends on many things like how bright your screen is, what kind of phone you have, how old your battery is and so on.

Old School Runescape Mobile is going to be a huge hit and just a reminder it is the same as the game you play on your PC so make sure you buy osrs mobile gold so you have lots of it ready for when OSRS Mobile is released. 

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