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How Could Jagex Improve Raids In Runescape

We have been playing and enjoying Runescape for many years now. It is one of the main reasons that out of all the games we deal with, we always have a soft spot for Runescape and always make sure you guys have a safe place to buy Runescape Gold. Lately, here at 2007RunescapeGold, we have been playing a lot of raids and we come up with some thought, ideas, and ramblings about how they could be better.

One thing that we want to see improved is how people can access raids in general. A lower level player is always going to have a really hard time getting on a team as most teams will just ignore them and not think they will be any good. But actually lower level players could still be of good use during a  raid and it will help with their overall experience in Runescape, but many are put off even trying to be part of a raid. We would like to see Jagex offer more incentives for people to be willing to let newer players in on a raid.

How Could Jagex Improve Raids In Runescape

Someone in the office made the point that maybe raids could have a 25 player team limit. Where the rewards would be dished out to the players who did the most damage and then having the rewards trickle down to the other players. This may sound unfair as the better players will always rise to the top, but it could ensure that everyone on the team pulls their weight as they will want to be one of the players to get the best loot.

These are just a few of the thoughts that we have for ways that raids could be handled a bit better in Runescape. We have a lot of fun with raids, but still, think there are little things that Jagex could do to improve them.

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