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Here it has more runescape players

Oldschool Runescape (osrs) has over 1.6 million total players. BUT if we remove about the 600k+ bots from that total amount, and “the 20k - 30k that never logout” VS “the 2M LEGIT players that play runescape3 actively”, then you would see osrs isn’t even close to more players!

Here it has more runescape players

So how about we stop trying to pass off outdated bullshit, I am not the only one who destroyed this myth over and over!

check this out: runescape3 real time graph.

As for total players on osrs you can check the total hiscores, but as I’ve said before remove all the bots. People who play both games not just osrs alone, AND the extra accounts to the same person, and you’d find that even more so with bots that osrs has no where near the numbers of runescape3 not even close.

Bots are not real players, and as runescape3 has not even the quarter the amount of bots osrs has rs3's online counter, even when cut in half from osrs online count is still far more, due to not as many bots inflating the online counter cause as we all know BOTS DO NOT LOG OUT.

Someone got different idea: “Your game isn’t even close to better. its just nostalgic and meant for people like you who are too butt hurt to move on. if someone like me who has been on this game for 14 years, can enjoy runescape3 without using legacy mode or revolution then you have no excuses other then. You expect the game to revolve around your fat ass, cause you hate change too damn bad that’s mmos for you. so either go play something else or shut the hell up, its been almost 5 years now its time to grow up and stop trying to pass off bullshit to make your preferred game look better no ones buying it and haven’t for years”!

Doesn’t work for PVPers:

I beg to differ then again the dps is ment for EOC ONLY, plus once again you are using a level 90 weapon vs the highest weapon you used in the past aka 75. So obviously there is going to be a big leap in damage output!

But here is the thing as well that scythe is worth 230m you are risking bank, just like you were risking bank with ags and dragon claws in order to have the same 1 hit KO or near 1 hit ko ability! So really you complaining about damage is mute, as there was high DPS weapons pre EOC and you all had no issues with them. but all of a sudden you do know that’s the problem here you are blinded by nostalgia thinking PVP was so balanced pre EOC, when it wasn’t not even close. Again you want survivability? then play rs3 how it was ment to be played in eoc pretty amazing! I have no issues surviving in runescape3 pvp, WHEN I USE ABILITIES. AS IM SUPPOSED TO the same goes for my opponent, if they aren’t noobs to pvp! Meanwhile the only people i see complaining are those of you who refuse to use anything but legacy its known as legacy for a reason.

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