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Has The Inferno Caused OSRS Prices To Go Crazy?

While here at, you can always count on us to offer you a place to buy runescape 2007 gold at as low a price as possible. We have heard a few rumblings in the Old School Runescape community that since The Inferno started, prices on certain things have gone a little crazy.

Has The Inferno Caused OSRS Prices

Now, of course, we all know that in Runescape, both Old School and Runescape 3. Prices on items are always going to fluctuate every now and again. But some items like Zenyte jewelry, mbued heart, malediction ward, dragon claws, elder maul and armadyl godsword. Has seen some crazy fluctuation since The Inferno started.

Ok so maybe that is looking a little too deep into it as there are some Old School Runescape players who flat out refuse to even consider that prices on certain things have gone a bit nutty since The Inferno started.

While it is very interesting to talk about, we cannot say for sure that The Inferno has caused any massive fluctuations. To be fair whenever there is some kind of new event added to Old School Runescape, certain items will see their prices either increase or decrease. This is just the way the game goes. It just seems like there are more people than usual going on about now!

While we have certainly noticed a few items going a little bit crazy. We do not think that is just purely down to Jagex unleashing The Inferno on the world! Still, we love to talk about stuff like this so we would love to hear what you guys have to say about it in the comments section down below. Also, make sure you have a really good look at just how low-priced our Old School Runescape Gold is right now.

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