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Guy Who Went To Jail For Runescape Threat Is Out

We recently came across a video about a Runescape player called, Joshua Pillault whose name may sound familiar to some of your guys.

This is the gentleman who was found guilty of making threatening comments to another player while playing Runescape. The basic of the story is that he was in a heated argument with another player, insults were exchanged and the other player told Joshua that he should kill himself, Joshua, who by his own admission was in a bit of an inebriated state during this conflict and said he would kill himself, but he was taking his school with him! A horrible thing to say, no doubt. The person he said this to, reported him to Jagex, who reported him to the authorities and then the judge gave him six years.

Guy Who Went To Jail For Runescape Threat Is Out

This was back in 2012 and just recently, Joshua was released from prison. There is a lot of debate right now in regards to how long the sentence was as other crimes which are more serious cannot even come with a sentence as long as this. Joshua to be fair to him seems quite positive and hopefully, he can move forward with his life.

We think this story making national news is a good thing as it will hopefully let Runescape and other online gamers see that there can be very serious consequences for the idle threats they make over the internet.

What do you guys think about this? Was the sentence harsh? Or did he deserve what he got for making such a horrible threat?

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