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Getting Clue Scrolls In The Most Hassle Free Way

Elite Clues are something that more than a few Runescape 2007 players just simple do not bother with and we can see why. Especially when it comes to the Elite Clue Scrolls. But there is always that chance you are going to score something awesome and that is why so many people are willing to do the work to get them. Well today we are trying to help you by showing you some easy ways to get Runescape 2007 Clue Scrolls!

Getting Clue Scrolls In The Most Hassle Free Way

Just a note here, but there are multiple ways to get Clue Scrolls, we are just looking at some of the easiest ways. If you have any other suggestions please leave them in the comments section.

Easy Clues

The easiest way to get easy Clue Scrolls is to do a little pick pocketing just like Oliver Twist did back in the day. You will be pick pocketing H.A.M Members and you will need to have level 15 thieving for the females and level 20 for the males. To be honest there is a ton of females so if you are level 15 just stick to them and do not worry about being level 20 to get males. This is by far the easiest way to get Easy Clue Scrolls.

Medium Clues

Killing Dagannoths is the way to go for medium Clue Scrolls. Now it is recommended that you are around level 60 magic to get through this as quickly and painlessly as possible. You will be doing this at Waterbirth Island and if you want to make things more efficient bring a cannon! You will usually get a clue in around every 100 kills which is pretty easy to do as Dagannoths seem to just line up and let you plow through them.

Hard Clues

For Hard Clue Scrolls, Hellhounds are the key! The best place to do this is Taverly Dungeon. 70+ melee stats and a weapon like Halberds will make things a lot easier and quicker for you. This dungeon has clusters of Hellhounds all over the place and that is what makes this the perfect place to get Hard Clue Scrolls.

Elite Clues

Putting down the mutated Jadinko Males is a great way to get Elite Clue Scrolls. You will need 91 slayer so keep that in mind. With a good magic set up you can really take down a ton of Jadinko Males and in around 150 kills or so you should expect an Elite Clue Scroll drop. It is actually pretty easy to do as they do stick together which makes killing them quick and pretty easy.

You can actually get a free Elite Clues once a week. You do this by playing the Rag And Bone Man quest and when you kill the Skeletal Horror you get a clue.  This is a 100 percent drop rate so make sure you do it once a week as it is nice and easy to do. There is another weekly free Elite Clue you can get, but in order to do so you need to get your Aquarium up to the max level which we know is far from easy, but if you have done this or are close to it then congrats as you are getting a free Runescape 2007 Elite Clue Scroll!

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