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Get The Most Out Of Runescape Double XP Weekend

On the weekend of the 15th of September, Runescape is once again having one of their epic double XP weekends! The guys at Jagex are really hyping this up and over at the official Runescape site they have some great tips for ways you can make the most out of the double XP weekend. Also, make sure to look at our epic Runescape section where you can buy Runescape Gold at a very low price! As we are huge fans of Runescape, we thought we would share a couple of the better ideas with you.

Get The Most Out Of Runescape Double XP Weekend

Plant Trees

Plant trees in every patch you can and check on them regularly and you can earn some very nice Farming XP!

Potions For Herblore

This one is pretty cool and a great tip! The idea here is that you convert your potions into overloads during the weekend and watch the XP fly. If you are not at that level yet, you can still make the most of it by having your ingredients and unfinished potions ready to mix as soon as the double XP weekend starts.

Train Buyable Skills

This is an obvious one, but doing this during the weekend is great as it saves you a ton of money. Summoning is a great skill to train during double XP weekend as it saves your charms as well as money. So while you train other skills (just not Prayer) during this weekend, we think Summoning is the best bet.

These are just a few of the tips that us here at wanted to share with you, but we would love to hear what you guys plan on doing to get the most out of this double XP weekend.

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