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Gemstone Dragons Are Coming To Runescape!

Here is some very cool and exciting news that is just as exciting as finding a pot of Runescape gold! Many players had a lot of fun with the Rune Dragons and the Adamant Dragons. Not only were they very lucrative, they also looked freaking cool as well! Well now there is a new set of foes coming to Runescape and that is the Gemstone Dragons!

At first, there is going to be three kinds of new Dragons added. Hydrix, Onyx, and Dragonstone. What is really cool about this is that each Dragon is going to have its own kind of look, but they are also going to have their own devastating attack that is based on kind of gem they are based on. Now, these new Dragons are certainly not for novice players. They are actually very high-level Slayer targets. To give you an idea, the Hydrix one requires level 101 to take him (or her) on!

Runescape Gemstone Dragons

If you take down these evil Gemstone Dragons (actually maybe we are the evil ones for wanting to kill them for loot!) you will be handsomely rewarded with pieces of the brand spanking new Gemstone Armor which is pretty damn cool. We do not actually know what these Gemstone Dragons will be dropping as their constant just yet so that will be interesting to see.

We are very excited to take these Gemstone Dragons on, even if a few people in the office are going to have to get to work on improving their Slayer level. If you are just as excited as we are for these Gemstone Dragons then have a look at our rs gold which is being sold for a very low price right now. You can use it to purchase all kinds of cool stuff so you are ready to take on these new Dragons!

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