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Future of runescape

Ok i recently cancelled my subscription and its funny, i have a sentimental comment from jagex saying as follow, .. we are sad you are leaving us and we don't want to lose you as a member (obviously i pay for you guys salary, lol great comment), so give us your feedback so we can improve the gaming experience, so here i come...

well what can i say jagex, you have gone from a classic, to a disaster (including the bots, which in my opinion you support at 100% since you don't do anything about it) game. It is impossible to play as a member since bots take over every spot, and the game has become ridiculous, you gave us a chance to play the classic 07 again, with the condition we have to create a new character, i wonder, why would i want to start all over when i took the time and effort to level my actual character ? Sometimes i wonder who's the master mind behind those ideas, and hopefully that master mind do not have anything to do with anything important in real life...

if you ever (jagex) decide to bring the real runescape back, well just send me an email, i mean if you guys keep records organize lol, and you bet i will come back, in the mean time, i will be playing WoW... god luck jagex, and once again, "thank you for.

I can completely agree with you on that I started something not long ago
called RuneScape Gold discussions but I tried and lots of other people tried to
give and get feedback Jagex about this but seems like they only care about the money and the future of RuneScape.
The Graphics are a way nicer now just a lot of people still don't like the new combat bar and thinking this game use to like be so different it wasn't like World Of Warcraft or those other games that keep it original.

RuneScape right now isn't the same game anymore in all those other original games at least they always kept it plain and simple where you can go back to the classic combat or controls system fully updated Graphics with up to date I don't see why Jagex could have not done that or something like that with this game.

All they've done since microtransactions and SoF came out is use the money to make the game look pretty. EoC and the NIS is all part of that, but it was rushed and it didn't make things more convenient or user-friendly.

Now in the midst of them trying too hard to have pretty graphics the game is a mess of a million different buttons, interfaces, hotkeys, pressing the wrong thing by accident instead of chatting and everything blows up on you etc. For instance, the little shortcut icons you click and drag aren't really shortcuts either, the option stones we used to have did same thing and were bigger to see. Chat system is still bugged as all hell and my Privacy status is now 2 different filters and an 'Online Status' button. So 3 buttons now that used to be just 1 button lol.

And now the bonds thing, yeah Jagex clearly doesn't care about fixing their game anymore it's all about selling themselves out because they stopped caring. It took them 2 months to do a simple fix as splitting private chat...again something that should've been there from the very beginning if they didn't rush the dam NIS. Everything is rushed so fast and is all forced upon us whether we like it or not. They're really desperate to make this a pretty game now fast, and do they stop to ask us what we think about some of these updates? Wasn't this supposed to be the year of the players?? Some of us still don't want Runescape EOC or this NIS. There is no excuse, and I'm fed up with rs as well.

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