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Funny Trick Played On The Runescape Community

Look if you like video games and hate fake news then you should know by now that you keep off the internet on April fool's day! Still, as we had some very good deals on Runescape gold happening. We had to stay online and we must admit that we fell for this epic trick that was orchestrated by a bunch of players including, YouTuber, rswillmissit and we thought it was great.

So what exactly was the trick that was played? Well, thanks to a coordinated effort by more than a few players and Jagex. It was "revealed" that there was a new and somewhat super secret pet in Runescape. This pet was a clerk pet, like a clerk who works in a bank. Honestly, who they came up with this we do not know, but a couple of people in the office actually tried to get him. Why people would want a pet that looks like a regular dude, we do not know. But it turns out quite a few people did. Of course, there were a few other fun Runescape pranks for April fool's day, but it was this one that really caught our eye and made a few of us think that maybe, just maybe this could be legit.

Quite a few members of the Runescape community got on board and gave the folks behind this prank a round of applause. We think they deserve it. Yes, it is kind of lame when you spend ages standing around in a bank vault waiting to get your new pet, but we think in the spirit of April foo's day it was awesome.

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