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Fun Runescape Questionnaire About The Economy

Of course here at, our main goal is to give you the best place to buy RS Gold online. But we like you are big fans so we spend a lot of time on the Runescape Forums and in this case here the Runescape Reddit page. We always like things like this as it is interesting seeing how the community communicates.

Fun Runescape Questionnaire About The Economy

What we have here for you today is a simple questionnaire that asks ten basic questions about your monetary situation in Runescape. While it is just done for fun, you can give you answers and then discuss them with other players on the Reddit page. We found some of the questions the guy who made this ask very interesting.

For example one of the questions was about if Jagex should add another kind of currency in the game? We are pretty sure this would not go down to well as the simplicity of Runescape is one of its main appeals. Another interesting question was about Jagex changing the way currency is handled. While an interesting theory, we feel that with the launch of Runescape Mobile getting closer and closer. Jagex will not mess with the currency in any way as it is working right now and they really will not want to implement such a big change when an influx of new players is about to happen.

We know this kind of thing is not for everyone and even if you do not actually take part in the questionnaire, it is worth having a look at the discussion that is taking place. Let us know what you think and be sure to score yourself some low priced Runescape Gold right now!

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