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Fun Facts About The Runescape 2 Beta

As you can tell from the way we always have Old School Runescape Gold on special offer. That us folk here at are big fans of Runescape's past. Can you believe that it was the better part of 15 years go Runescape 2 was released? Well just for fun, we are looking at some of the fun things about the beta for Runescape 2.

5 Fun Facts About The Runescape 2 Beta


The dueling arena was added right before the game went live and having a dedicated area to battle was seen as pretty cool at the time. You can see here about the The dueling arena tips.

Changes To The Chat Box

It really does look like Jagex had a hard time coming up with how to perfect the chat box in Runescape 2. It went through many changes before they settled on what it has become today.

Weird Hit Splats

He original way hit splats looked in the game was quite comical, especially when you go back now and look at them. It looks like something a kid has made in Microsoft Paint!

More Advanced Special Moves

When you look at the very early screenshots it does seem like Jagex had big plans for special moves with four slots and a charge meter. Maybe they felt this would be too complex for most players to get the hang of.


It seems like fatigue was actually going to be part of Runescape 2. Not really sure this is something that many players would have been cool with. This one is not 100 percent confirmed to have been scheduled to be in the game, but it is interesting to think about.

These are just a few of the things that were in the beta for Runescape 2. We suggest that you take a look at YouTuber, Colonello who has a full top ten list of things that were in the Runescape 2 beta.

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