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Fate of the Gods - FAQ

Q: What do the symbols on the World Gate denote?
Mod Rowley: The World Gate symbols are letters from the established Guthixian alphabet. My initial aim was for those letters to match the worlds they go to, but that was never something we could sustain (as there are many worlds that start with the same letter), so we got as close as we can. As future content is released, the player will start to 'recognise' more of the worlds listed (though you can find their names on the RuneScape wiki).

'H' was originally going to be Hallowed Isles - a non-canon placeholder name for the icyene homeworld. It's possible we'd give it a better name if we ever go there, though it's currently also known as New Domina.

'L' was originally going to be Lacertium - a non-canon placeholder name for the dragon rider homeworld ('lacerta' being Latin for 'lizard', and -ium to match Pandemonium and Vampyrium - Zaros's names for those places). Mod Raven eventually went with Iaia for this plane (which better fits the culture of the dragon riders), but pointed out that if the World Gate could go there, it negates the narrative of One of a Kind, so late in development we pointed it to Teragard instead. Zaros reached the dragon rider homeworld by other means than the World Gate (I suspect that it's slightly off the beaten track/hidden in some way, which is why he missed it the first time around).

'M' stands for Muspell (a term from Norse mythology) and it was originally my intent that this was the homeworld of the auspah (Char's race), but it's open to interpretation,so could be "Zamorak's world", as referenced in elf lore (though I personally think that's just Freneskae) or the place where Moia went with Zamorak (though I personally think that was just Infernus). Of course, these could all just be different references to the same place - the truth will possibly be defined in future content.

'N' stands for Naragun, the naragi homeworld.

'T' stands for Tarddiad, which is Welsh for 'origin', and the homeworld of the elves. The description of this plane doesn't mention crystal, but that could just be because the gate only offers a limited view of the worlds you see through it.

Q: Why are the Nihil still alive even after completing the quest?
Mod Rowley: Zaros created more than a few of them in his quest for knowledge, and since being abandoned they have probably learned how to propagate ("Life always finds a way" - Dr Ian Malcolm). I can envisage nihil have learned to hunt muspah for their energy, in order to create more of themselves.

Q: Why did we only get a head override as the post-quest reward and not the full set?
Mod Rowley: To spend the time creating a full set would have taken graphical time away from other areas of the quest. We typically go for head items (when doing only one item) as they can be shown off on the forums. It may be that future updates add to this set.

Q: Why are the Muspah drops extremely low quality compared to the requirements of the quest?
Mod Rowley: The muspah area is instanced, and so there is no competition for kills, and you can also equip the Shard of Zaros to also make them non-aggressive. These things can make the area quite AFKable above a certain level, so we didn't want the muspah to be too lucrative (though you can earn ~3 mil/hour here). That said, we do have plans to add some unique runescape item drops to muspah in a future update (already in development) that should make them more worthwhile.

Q: Have we seen the whole of Freneskae or is there still more to see?
Mod Rowley: There's definitely more to see, if for no other reason than to explore what became of the Chelon-Mah and the Mahserrat tribes. When we might see that, though, is anyone's guess.

Q: Who or what is Debris?
Mod Rowley: When Zaros says debris, he's just describing the state of the fragmented spheres - it's not a person or place. The point is that the spheres used to be something important, but are now just inert and expelled of energy/contents.

Q: Does the Measure do anything after the quest related to Divination?
Mod Rowley: It measures levels of anima wherever you plant it, and there are some hidden things you can find with it... I won't say where in case you'd rather find things for yourself, but all hidden things have now been found, so the information is out there (and we'll be updating our wiki with that information at some point).

Q: What happened to the Zarosian-themed combat ability that was polled a few months before the release of Fate of the Runescape Gods?
Mod Rowley: The poll for the combat abilities was never attached to this project - it's a separate update with an ETA of May. It's currently in development.

Q: Were the Elder Gods born in Freneskae?
Mod Rowley: The elder gods that created this universe were born on Freneskae, yes.

Q: Zaros says that Mah created him and Seren as toys but, don't you think they were more like parents to Mah?
Mod Rowley: I tried to show parallels between real-life parent/child relationships. Zaros is akin to the runaway teenager who later finds respect for his parent (and moves back home after his own failures), whereas Seren stayed to nurse her mother as she succumbed to illness and old age (effectively becoming the mother herself).

Q: Zaros says that he didn't start any of the wars that he was involved in. Does that mean that Icthlarin started it when Zaros fought in the desert?
Mod Rowley: I'd imagine it being more prosaic than that, with it starting from simple border skirmishes (Kharidians launching a pre-emptive strike at the expanding Zarosian border out of fear) involving none of the gods. The desert gods have ever only been interested in their own little area of the world, with no desire for expansion.

Q: Now that we know Ocellus was a pet of the Chthonians, can you tell us what Guthix saw on him to make him a Guardian of Guthix?
Mod Rowley: I think this would be for future content to potentially explore. Ditto what happened to Auriculus (if he's not just dead).

Q: Since the Measure is an Elder Artefact, wouldn't the other gods try to steal it from us?
Mod Rowley: The Measure is probably the weakest of the Elder 12, and its function is too limited for it to be of too much interest even to the gods (though it could have a hidden, unintended function like some of the other elder artefacts have). I wouldn't put it past some of the gods to either steal it or get you to use it for their own ends (the younger gods' eyes have been opened to the divine).

Q: Now that Sliske dislikes us, are you going to let us give him a taste of his own medicine any time soon?
Mod Rowley: I don't think that Sliske truly dislikes the player. He was actually angry at Zaros, and in the moment took it out on you. If you speak with him after the quest, he's back to being calm and jovial. I envisage Sliske as being bipolar, and his anger was a depressed outburst, but he quickly bounces back. Conversely, his over-theatrical nature is when he's in a more manic state. I think he's the player's friend no matter what, even if the player doesn't want him to be. With friends like him...

Sliske has said that he intends to take the back seat for a time. We've focussed on him a lot in recent content, and I think it's time to focus on other characters for a while. I certainly see dealing with Sliske occuring at the end of his tournament (or soon after), though whether you give him is comeuppance or end up helping him...who knows? He's maybe more of a tragic character than we currently think...

Q: Why did you choose to reveal that Sliske isn't a god?
Mod Rowley: Sliske meant it when he said he'd offer you one truth - whichever question you asked of him, he told you a truthful answer. It was a sobering moment for Sliske, but probably also a liberating one.

Q: How did Zaros learn so much about the Elder Gods and the Great Revision when Mah was born without memory and didn't teach him anything?

Mod Rowley: Everything that Zaros knows he discovered for himself. He's been roaming the universe for a long, long time and has just pieced together all he has discovered. He has seen the shattered remnants of broken worlds, the elder gods' progression towards perfection, and the current state of Freneskae. I'm surprised it took him so long to figure out, to be honest, but I guess he was distracted first with his 'empire building business', and then with the matter of creation.

Q: Is the Oracle related to the Elder Gods?

Mod Rowley: No...maybe...I don't know?We know that elder gods need a mouthpiece to communicate with 'lower beings'. Ful would talk through the TzHaar, so it's entirely plausible that Wen could talk through the Oracle (and who knows, maybe she already does...). But we also have no immediate plans, so that's just speculation on my part.

Q: What would Zaros think about Brassica Prime?
Mod Rowley: Zaros thinks he is both delicious AND nutritious. Or more likely, he sees no use for him and subsequently no interest.

Q: Who was watching us upon our entrance in Freneskae?
Mod Rowley: It's more obvious with sound effects on (and in hindsight), but as you arrive you're being watched/stalked by a nihil. You see one in a 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' appearance as you approach the slide obstacle for the first time. The intent was just to give a creepy vibe, and to make you question Zaros's motives a bit more.

Q: Why didn't we encounter any of the Mahserrat or Chelon-Mah? Are they extinct?
Mod Rowley: If you use the charged engrammeter on Freneskae after gathering all the Mahjarrat memories. I've proposed an idea for those who stayed behind, but I can't imagine many of them surviving this long.

Q: Why weren't Eblis, Wahisetel, and Akthanakos invited to Zaros' welcome back party?
Q: Why wasn't Wahisietel informed at all of Zaros' return? He's supposed to be a Zarosian, right?
Mod Rowley: Zaros's return was on the down-low, only his MOST loyal and trusted followers in the loop. While I still see Wahisietel and Akthanakos as being loyal, and still serving the cause, they're more subordinates of Azzanadra - both in terms of power and their ranks within the old Zarosian empire. They receive their orders from Zaros through Azzanadra, and there was no need for them to be at the Zaros address upon his return.

Q: What is the significance of the spot Eblis is guarding?
Mod Rowley: That dialogue I believe is from Desert Treasure, and is likely in reference to the circle of mirrors. We did toy with that ridge in the desert being where you can plant the Measure, giving wider significance to that Eblis post-quest dialogue, but decided against it and removed it.

Q: Why does Khazard disappear from the shadow realm if you try to talk to him after obtaining Sliske's gift?
Q: Where did the rest of the ghosts who were trapped in the shadow realm disappear to?
Mod Rowley: There appears to be an issue of Sliske mass-trolling players, and instead of letting players see the Shadow Realm, he's actually stopping them. (We'll fix this ASAP, and hopefully before anyone misses out on this week's ghost penguin.)

Q: Will Zaros ever be able to make good on his promise to the Ilujanka?
Mod Rowley: If he ever does manage to transcend to elder godhood, and the ilujanka haven't died out by then, I have no doubt he would fulfil that promise. Mod Raven and I have been toying with the idea that this would not be an easy choice, or that there would be an alternative choice of at least equal viability (but anything can happen between now and whenever this choice would come to fruition).

Q: Is there any significance to the different head shapes of the Mahjarrat?
Mod Rowley: None that I'm aware of.

Q: What does Zaros think of the sacrificed Zarosian Mahjarrat?
Mod Rowley: That it was the natural order of things, as far as Mahjarrat customs are concerned.

Q: Could you consider allowing us to talk to Nex if entering her prison with the Shard of Zaros in your pocket slot?

Mod Rowley: She respects you too much not to try to kill you. I think we'd remove her from her prison when we want her talking to players, to not confuse things too much. She's not very talkative, though.

Q: Can you also consider adding Akthanakos to The Temple at Senntisten? I'd like to talk to him.

Mod Rowley: I think it would be a good idea to move both Akthanakos and Wahisietel to Senntisten in a future update. I'll propose it to Mod Osborne.

Q: Is Wen the name of the Elder God that embodies ice?
Q: We know of Jas, Ful, Mah, and I believe the Oracle revealed the 4th Elder is Wen. Who is the 5th Elder?

Mod Rowley: Yes, Wen is another of the elder gods. We did also want to reveal the final elder god's name as post-quest dialogue on the Sleeper, but that proved difficult with the close release dates of One of a Kind and Fate of the Gods. I'll see if I can get that added in.

Q: When will Zaros be ready to talk about his companion, Seren?

Mod Rowley: "All in due time." (Or when it becomes important.) It will be more likely that we'll hear some more of Seren's side of the story first.

Q: Which element does Mah embody? Is it corruption?

Mod Rowley: Zaros seems to think that she embodies potential - both light and darkness - but that's assuming elder gods represent anything and don't just exist.

Q: Do the other Gods, young and elder, know Zaros has now returned to Gielinor?

Mod Rowley: As far as things currently stand, the only people who know he has returned are those he addressed. I'm sure other characters will find out eventually, though. I'd like to have added opportunity for players to inform their emissaries/those they follow, but will have to leave that to a future project.

Q: Would you consider Zaros and Seren to be like brother and sister?

Mod Rowley: The relationship between Seren and Zaros is a bit tricky - it's potentially borderline Lannister. I'd say the normal rules don't apply to divine creations, and that it's purposefully left open to interpretation whether their effect on each other is familial or romantic, and even if it's real or imagined. Maybe it's not actually something done to them, and they just believe that to be the case. They are both quite alien beings with emotions beyond mortal comprehension.

Q: It was said at RuneFest that Elder Gods can't die, yet Mah was dying. Has this decision been reversed?

Mod Rowley: That was more an affectation of Zaros and Seren - their interpretation of what was happening to Mah. At Runefest, we also said that elder gods can choose to 'power down', the ultimate effect of which might seem akin to death in the eyes of some.

Q: Why was it decided to leave out the lore behind Zamorak and Zaros' battle?

Mod Rowley: In terms of the focus of the quest, it just wasn't important (at least not to Zaros). He says himself that "to agonise over the past cripples our thoughts of the future", and Zaros is focussed on what needs to be done now. Players know a lot about the history between these two characters already; if we dig deeper into it we would do that in future content involving both characters. A reunion between Zaros and Zamorak would be interesting...and I really want to see how that would play out now!

Q: How did Guthix create the World Gate? Why didn't he use the Elder Sword to bring the different races to Gielinor?

Mod Rowley: I added some post-quest dialogue to the Valluta, before being kindly informed by Mod Moltare that you can't actually get back to talk to her post-The Void Stares Back... The basic idea is that Guthix used the elder sword to create the pathways that the World Gate makes use of for travel between worlds. He later used the sword where the Valluta is now, but cut too deep, piercing the void (and shattering the sword in the process). This was to explain the similarity in look between the World Gate and the 'Void Gate'.

Q: What is the difference between teleporting using the World Gate, the Elder Sword and using portals created by Tier 4+ gods?

Mod Rowley: The elder sword and World Gate are intrinsically linked. The difference between those things and god portals is a matter of power/distance. It takes relatively smaller amounts of power to travel between two worlds that are 'close' (in terms of planar distance). Any god of a certain tier can travel between worlds, and slowly make their way through the universe (by expelling energy) - the lower the tier of godhood, the larger a burden this puts on them (hence Icthalrin and Amascut's jaunt to find the Mahjarrat was a huge effort for them, though they may themselves have had other means).

This is how Zaros originally traversed the universe (slowly, one world at a time). The World Gate, on the other hand, is such a powerful device because it provides near instant travel across vast distances. It's no wonder he nabbed control of it.

It also takes more energy to bring more than just one entity through a portal, so bringing vast armies between worlds is slow and costly. This is why Zaros did what he did to Loarnab, using its power to bring his demonic legions all the way from Infernus, rather than his own. There are exceptions to every rule, too, and special cases, of course.

Q: Can we get the Muspah as a Slayer assignment post quest?

Mod Rowley: We already have plans to add both muspah and nihil Slayer assignments as part of updates we're already working on. We wanted to gauge reaction to them first to see if that would be wanted. Even so, I think we plan to add them as opt-in tasks on Kuradal (like aquanites, for a small Slayer points cost). They would both have Slayer requirements to match that of the quest (76).

Q: Since most Elder Artifacts have a second name created by mortals (Staff of Armadyl, Fist of Guthix/Eye of Saradomin, Crown Archival), what would be the Measure's 'mortal' name?

Mod Rowley: Considering that you are the only mortal to have laid hands on this particular artefact, feel free to name it yourself! The Measure is its 'true' name, as given to it by the elder gods (and you know it via proximity/touch, much like touching the Stone of Jas).

Q: Will we still be seeing a quest where we repair the World Gate?

Q: When will we be able to access the other worlds seen through the portal?

Mod Rowley: For all intents the gate is now fully operational. That you can't travel anywhere else with it is more due to it being open for future content than for any narrative reasoning at this point. If I find the time for it, I could make it work for previously unlocked locations (e.g. to travel to Kethsi and Naragun, likely arriving at the existing fairy rings), but those places are already accessible, and so this wouldn't be a high priority. I believe there's existing lore (somewhere) about how the fairies broke down 'their' World Gate to create the fairy ring network, so the technologies are compatible. Future locations will become unlocked with future content, and we can always expand on the number of destinations as we need to - we only kept it to 10 for the sake of the puzzle to repower it.

Q: Will Prifddinas have more Seren memories?

Mod Rowley: We have a plan to add additional memoriam crystals centred more fully on Seren's past (from her first meeting with the elves) as part of the elf city update... :)

Q: Why doesn't Kharshai have anything to say about the broken Engrammeter? Won't he try to improve it so it can be used on Freneskae?

Mod Rowley: Simply due to the close release of these two projects. I'll talk to Mod Jack about getting something added.

Q: Why was the opportunity wasted to show Zaros in a more negative light?

Mod Rowley: I disagree that we didn't do this. Zaros has already been shown in a hugely negative light prior to this, and he's hardly going to show himself in too negative a light when he wants your help. That said, Zaros himself does highlight some of his own flaws, both directly (hubris, entitlement) and indirectly (standoffishness, arrogance, superiority, not giving you all the information). There are also unspoken suggestions as to Zaros's character that are less that positive (chopped up sentient creatures in the nihil arena suggesting what went into their creation). It could also be argued that everything he says to you during the quest is a manipulation - as such, your opinion of him going in is reflected back at you. Only time will tell if you made the right choice (regardless of which choice you made).

Q: Why were those (Time, Fire, Ice, Earth, Light, and Darkness) chosen as elements?
Mod Rowley: While there appears to be some connection between the four 'main' elder gods and the known elements, as in...

Jas - air
Ful - fire
Wen - ice/water
??? - earth

...the elder gods themselves are far more primordial and don't truly represent anything, certainly not the elements. If anything, the main elements derive from them, and they themselves don't represent those elements.

If the elder gods could be represented by anything, they would all be facets of time. Ful is described in terms of constancy (TzHaar); Wen is related to reversion (Oracle); Jas to progression; ??? to alteration; and Mah to potential (Zaros). They should certainly never be thought of as "Blah, the elder god of Blah", though - they just are.

Q: Is Jas the "Eldest Sister" just as Mah is the youngest?

Mod Rowley: Yes. Their relative pecking order is denoted by the complexity of the patterns on the fragmented spheres.

Q: Are the Elder Chronicles we can find with the Measure after the quest indicative of the current locations of the four Elder Gods?

Q: What is the association between the Elder God of Earth and Entrana?
Mod Rowley: Yes. So, you know when we said you'd interacted with elder gods in the past...? 'Walking on' is an interaction.

Q: If we were to give the Measure to another person, would that allow that person to attain godhood through continued use thereof?

Mod Rowley: As (probably) the weakest of the Elder 12, its effect would be far less pronounced than some of the other elder artefacts. It would be unlikely to make someone who is already a god more powerful (aside from allowing them to more easily locate anima). It might have the by-product of making a mortal being MUCH better at Divination, which could in turn lead to more power for that individual, but it would take a VERY long time (and the universe doesn't have that long).

Q: Is the Elder Gods' only goal the pursuit of high levels of anima to consume?

Mod Rowley: That goal is secondary to their true aim of propagation.

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