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Faster home runescape teleports

Summary: Players teleport faster using home teleport option done via a charge system of law and air runes.

Home teleport has become the default method of transporting around Gilienor. However, its a free teleport with a time cost. I think it'll be beneficial to add an option for Runescape Gold players to teleport faster using this system with a higher cost.

System: On the right click option for home teleport is the ability to store charges. A charge cost 1 law and 3 air runes and a player can store up to 3,000 charges.

On the home teleport map is a tick box a player can select for faster home teleport. Beside the tick box are the player's remaining charges.

Depending on the location, a player uses up charges (1 to 6) but now teleports as fast as normal teleports ie there's no 10+5 second delay. Charge cost will be based mainly on total number of laws and astrals a normal teleport would have cost to that area.

Benefits: Keeps the convenience of the home teleport system with the speed of normal teleports at the cost of runes. Adds more demand for law runes. Does not give magic xp (may be seen as detriment)

Detriment: Removes further reason to change spell books. Does not take into Runescape Accounts other rune costs if not using element staffs or non-magic teleport areas such as Relleka. Does not use astrals for charges.

Options: Given there's a rune cost involved, Jagex can allow the teleport to be at the actual teleport location and not the loadstone. In addition, Jagex can add 'charge only' home teleports without undermining other methods to get there. Also, Jagex can add a magic level and quest prerequisites to further mesh with the various spell books (should have required that anyway, but that's my opinion).

Overall I think this is a winning idea. The home teleport system is super effective at improving the game. I'm sure there will be many players willing to keep using the home teleport for an additional cost if it meant a faster, non-interrupted teleport on top of a more convenient arrival location.

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