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Dragon Claws aren't nearly as powerful in OSRS

I understand why a lot of people dislike Dragon Claws, and it makes sense. In Pre-EoC, they had the ability to 2-4 Hit someone in a couple of ticks. That being said, Dragon Claws were also sided with PvP Armor, like Vesta. Dragon Claws aren't nearly as powerful in OSRS.

runescape Dragon Claws

Dragon Claws will be blocked by fairly high requirements (90+ Combat stats), and maybe other non-combat skills. Judging from what we have heard from our Jmods - We will need to obtain a rather large amount of points in Raids to even be able to have the slightest chance at touching the Drop table that the Dragon Claws are on. 

Let's list a couple of things that can hit us.

Ballista - Granite Maul.

Armadyl Godsword - Granite Maul

Dragon Dagger - Granite maul (Of course, you would need good RNG for the DDS. But it is possibly, and it has happened before.)

I'm not trying to sound hateful because I truly understand where you are coming from. But I voted YES to Dragon Claws. And I'm pretty sure that a good chunk of people who voted NO to Dragon claws, don't even PK. So why would it even bother them?

Just to point out what the special attack does...

"Uses 50% of the special attack bar and hits an enemy four times in succession, where the first hit will be 100% of the damage, second hitting 50% of the 1st, and the third and fourth both adding up to the second."

If you convert that to a formula, (hit)=X+0.5X+(0.25X+0.25X) or (hit)=2X, or 200% total damage. This costs 50% spec bar, giving you 2 specs for a full bar.

The dragon dagger, however, does 2 hits with 15% extra damage (230% total) and 25% extra accuracy (per 07 wiki). This costs 25% spec bar, giving you 4 specs for a full bar.

D claws would give +57 slash and +56 strength, vs. d dagger +40 each.

The two weapons really aren't that different. D claws mean you can get a slightly higher max hit in one attack, with level 60 attack. But not nearly as high as Armadyl godsword with 75 attack, nor as high as 2 consecutive d dagger specs (for same 50% of bar).

EDIT: Also, d claws specs give you one damage roll. The first hit determines what the other 3 will be. If you hit a 0, then you hit four 0's. But d dagger gives you two rolls. You can still do a 0-40 spec with d dagger.

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