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Dragon Bones vs Ensouled Dragon Heads

Dragon Bones vs Ensouled Dragon Heads

While browsing YouTube recently we came across a very interesting Old School Runescape video from YouTuber, Smallexplamp. In this video he makes the very interesting comparison of Dragon Bones vs Ensouled Dragon Heads and asks the question, why do people stull use Dragon Bones? Well here at 2007RunescapeGold, we do not just offer you the best place to buy Old School Runescape Gold online. We are also players of the game ourselves and this video got us having a really interesting discussion in the office!

Ensouled Dragon Heads give you far better XP per hour as well as GP per hour. So really it should be a no-brainer that we all are dealing with Ensouled Dragon Heads. But the fact of the matter is a ton of folks are still using Dragon Bones, but why? Why are so many people still dealing with Dragon Bones when Ensouled Dragon Heads offer more?

Well, one theory that we have here at is that many of us get set in our ways and we have been using Dragon Bones for so long that is just the way it is and as creatures of habit, we are happy just to keep on doing what we already know. Many people have been dealing with Dragon Bones for years and do not want the "hassle" of learning with Ensouled Dragon Heads.

Notice we put the quotes around Ensouled Dragon Heads that is because for some people even with the extra GP and XP, you get with Ensouled Dragon Heads. The way to get them and the whole workaround is just not worth it. People are set in their AFK ways with Dragon Bones and do not want to learn something new!

We would love to know what you guys think. Do you still just use Dragon Bones? Or are you using Ensouled Dragon Heads? Either way, we are sure that our special offers on OSRS Gold that we have right now will make you very happy.

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