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Do you see that he is camping 100% adren with Revolution?

How do you think a full manual kill would go?

In any game or even in real life when learning something you start out small, learn the basics first and then expand your skill\knowledge gradually. Let him learn boss mechanics first, when to eat (preferably when to not eat), how to dodge special attacks, where to stand, how the rotations work, after that he can work on what tresholds to use and what order etc.

You can't expect him to immediately learn what every single basic ability does, what rotation to use, to cancel abilities, to make it so your basic rotation allows you to use needle strike before tresholds and at the same time learn boss mechanics. Learn the basics first, then actually master the game.

runescape Revolution

In most cases lack of DPS is also not the reason why kills fail, of the top of my head the only place where it actually matters is p5 Vorago (in small teams). DPS is for efficient kills, but don't expect someone that is new to RuneScape3 combat and bosses to be efficient. Using full manual early on also leans towards short term answers like using Piercing Shot every 3 seconds without stunning, just because it's easy to remember and is almost always off cooldown (one of my previous clanmates actually did this).

I think in this scenario there are better tips you can give, like looking into RsWiki for better Revolution DPS bars (these aren't even really that bad), to upgrade his crossbows since they were only T50 and to bring a Beast of Burden familiar for extra food. Like 3 years ago I used to do Queen Black Dragon at his combat as well with about the same stats, they were slow as bad but at least they were consistent kills.

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