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Could Runescape Be Coming To Mobile Devices?

We know that Jagex has tried to get into the world of mobile gaming before. But the big thing that many people have often asked is, could Runescape come to mobile devices? We know that many of you already stock up on Runescape Gold and OSRS Gold, but would you be willing to support a mobile Runescape game?

Colonello is a YouTuber who made a video on this subject and actually researched it a little bit and found that before Runescape 3 was launched there was talk about bringing Runescape to mobile devices and they have even tinkered with it in recent times as well.

Here at, we think that a mobile version of Runescape would be awesome. Be it Old School Runescape or even modern. What would be exceptionally awesome though is if instead of it being its own unique thing, Jagex were able to port the actual PC version of the game and let us play while we are on the go. Sure there are probably a million things wrong with this idea, but we think that would surely get a ton of Runescape players on board.

But would that bring in a new fanbase? That is the dilemma Jagex are kind of facing with this. They want to keep us Runescape fans happy, but at the same time, they will realize that there is a ton of people with Android devices and iPhones that have never played Runescape before and they want to hook them as well.

We really like the idea of Runescape on the go and are sure that once Jagex actually figures it all out they will do it. In the meantime though, we would love to know what you guys think about a potential mobile version of Runescape!

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