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Could Castle Wars Work As An ESport?

Ok so while many of you come here to buy Runescape Gold, you know that we also love to talk about the game. Well on the Runescape Reddit page a fellow Runescape player made the comment that Runescape could enter the world of ESports by using the awesome, fun and under rated mini game, Castle Wars.

Could Castle Wars Work As An ESport

Castle Wars is a fantastic take on capture the flag and there is a fair bit of skill and strategy involved in this game mode. It is one that many of us in the office have enjoyed for many years and it is something that we wish Jagex made a bigger deal about.

While we are not so sure that Castle Wars (or even Runescape in general) would work as an ESport. We do feel that as Jagex loves to put on these fantastic PVP events and really go all out with the prizes and the presentation of them. That they could have some kind of huge Castle Wars tournament or even a Castle Wars World Cup! That would be a lot of fun and really something that could be exciting for the Runescape community.

So come on Jagex! Make it happen, step up and really make Castle Wars as a huge deal. We actually think that Castle Wars could work very well as its own spin off kind of game. Now, this may sound weird and pretty insane, but we do feel it could work.

Would you guys love to see Jagex make a real push on Castle Wars, host a huge tournament and in general try to get more people into it? Let us know in the comments section down below and be sure to make sure you are stocked up on RS3 Gold as it is part of our Hot Sale right now!

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