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Cool OSRS Challenge You Can Try

We know that you guys are having a great time scoring a lot of Old School Runescape Gold from our special offers. But today we have a fun challenge for you and your OSRS buddies to do. Now, this is not meant to be taken seriously it is just for fun, so have fun with it.

Most Money From Abyssal Sire

The idea of this challenge is that you and a buddy will each kill 50 Abyssal Sires. This is the aim of the game, killing the 50 Abyssal Sires. Whoever has the most money after the 50 kills is the winner and gets the bragging rights.

The Rules

Kill 50 Abyssal Sires

The Most Money Wins!

If you get an Abyssal head or a jar then you have to take 250 K off your total.

If you get a Bludgeon Piece then you add 1 million to your total

If you get a pet… you are the ultimate master and you just flat out win right there!

It is a very simple challenge to do, but it is just so much fun and it is something that will really make playing with a friend that extra bit fun. We must tell you that we got the idea for this fun challenge from YouTuber, Slothiq, whose channel has some strong language so be warned. We thought it was a lot of fun and it would be something that you guys who visit would have a great time doing. Let us know what you think in the comments below and who won when you challenged your friend!

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