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Common OSRS Mistakes We All Made!

Old School Runescape is a very fun game, it is a game most of you reading this have been playing for many years now. But we were all new once and we have all made our fair share of mistakes while playing the game (heck some of us still make mistakes!) but today we are having a little fun as we look at what some of the common mistakes people make in Old School Runescape are.

Common OSRS Mistakes We All Made

Forgetting Slayer Items

Ok, so this is one we have all done surely! You know the drill you are just about to fight a monster, you think you will do it AFK and then next thing you know, it seems like it is taking an age. Well, that is because you have forgotten to equip whatever item it is you needed to kill that monster! Teleport out, get the stuff and then go back! All the people in the office have done this at least once.

Drinking Potions When Training Herblore

This is super annoying and one that is done when you are not paying attention. So you are training Herblore. You have your herbs and your potions and you are all set, you click the potion… and you have not clicked the herb so you waste the potion!

Not Taking Your Farming Tools With You

This one is very annoying and one that when it happens you kick yourself for. You decide you are going on a farming run, but once you get there, pay the guy and clear the patch… you remember that you have forgotten the right tool or even all your farming gear! Back you go and start again.

These are just a few of the things that we have done which have inconvenienced us. Of course, these are all our own faults and most of the time when they happen they happen because we are not paying attention!

Let us know in the comments below what some of the common OSRS mistakes you made or make are.

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