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Commission Staking Is Against The Rules In Runescape!

Just the other day (well that could depend on when you are reading this) Mod Infinity posted about changes to the rules of Runescape, which you can read here. Basically, it is about officially making "Commission Staking" something that is no longer allowed in the Runescape community. Here at, we have been dealing in rs gold and runescape items for quite some time, so we find this very interesting. But do not worry it will not have any effect on being able to sell you awesome Runescape items and currency at a great price!

Now, this is going to be interpreted in many ways, but the forum post from Mod Infinity basically says that "Commission Staking" is things like items scamming which is obviously something they want nothing to do with and to stop. This post also makes mention of how it is against the rules for players to make bets on other players activities in the game which is a much bigger thing that you would think.

So how do us here at feel about this? In all honesty, it is a tricky one. Many people see things like Commission Staking as allowing underage kids to pretty much gamble which is clearly not cool. So we think it is good that they are looking at this and taking it seriously. At the same time though the people behind these Commission Staking rings or betting rings will find a way around it so we are sure it will not go away permanently.

Commission Staking Is Against The Rules In Runescape

Still, at the end of the day, we see this as the folks behind Runescape looking at trying to prevent people from getting scammed and we think that is a very good thing. We would love to hear you guys thoughts on Commissions Staking now officially being against the rules in Runescape.

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