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Come Back to Runescape

I've played for about 9 1/2 years. The person who got me start playing in 6/06 stopped playing when the wild/trading was removed since she could no longer pick up people's stuff to sell. But, I couldn't stop playing myself. I was/am adult that whole time. I started playing D&D style games since I was a kid and liked the versatility and open box playability. I originally liked that they had rules they enforced.

Over time there have been many updates and changes that made me upset and made the game more difficult for me, which caused many to leave this game and made me even contemplate leaving; although it doesn't look like I will.

Microtransactions, leaving cheaters in the game, the increasing rude community, Jagex's bi-polar extreme updates that contradict their prior stance/updates (wild & free trade; bots), and certain stupid requirements, such as the CW requirement for the comp cape, all make me angry and almost got me to leave the game. But, I guess the time in game and effort put into this game have made me want to keep playing.

I have never stopped playing Runescape, but I did start and play another game off/on for a few years now. I do sometimes just do daily/major stuff and then log out or multitask while watching/reading other stuff while playing, even though I have all 99s and 120 dung (which I still don't think was a skill, but rather a time consuming minigame).

I always come back to runescape, so the fact that im not playing right now doesnt mean i quit, but i do think that sometimes, the game really is just too repetitive, clicking on logs with a knife, or clicking rocks and running to bank/sropping them can only be entertaining, or rewarding, for so long until it feels like a chore, not a game. now the games appeal also comes from this because when you finally get that skill cape or you can finally do that quest or craft that item you feel so accomplished like you really did work for it. its just that sometimes you want video games to feel like games, not work. and sometime you want that sense of achievement and that grinding aspect of video games where you work hard for a reward instead of for example playing a campaign to uncover a story.

I don't think I would start playing this game now if offered, but it looks like my years of effort have made me want to keep playing to pass the time since I still enjoy the game itself.

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