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Check Out These 7 Sins Of Runescape

Hey, guys, we know that you come to because we are the best place to RS Gold online. But as we are really big fans of the game ourselves, we are always looking at fun and interesting videos and blogs to share with you guys and wow do we have a treat for you today!

We found this video called The 7 Sins Of Runescape which is from the just flat out awesome YouTube channel, rswillmissit. These guys specialize in making Runescape videos that will actually make you laugh. They are huge fans of the game and their videos show the funnier side of the Runescape community.

Check Out These 7 Sins Of Runescape

Anyway, what we loved about this video was the way that it had 7 sins of Runescape and these were all things that most of us who have played Runescape can all relate to. While the list is actually pretty spot on with things that are kind of annoying in the game and when players do them. It is the humor in which this is all presented that makes for such a fun and interesting video and one that we cannot recommend you watch highly enough.

From throwing parties before you are level 99, having annoying user names and playing as a girl to get free items are just a few of the things you will find here and laugh when rswillmissit describe them. We must say that we have encountered a few of these sins and many of us in the office had a good laugh watching this video.

Do you guys agree that these are The 7 Sins Of Runescape? Or do you feel that there are more annoying things that other players do? As always thanks for reading and make sure you look at our special offers on Runescape Gold!

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