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Changes to runescape coinshare

Hello again everyone!

I wanted to let you know with as much information as possible about an upcoming change to the Coinshare system.

Following on from the success of Bonds we're still doing as much as we can to combat inflation in game and Coinshare is actually a major source of what we call "Runescape Gold injection".

Inflation is caused when the total amount of money (actual coins, not items) in the economy goes up. Due to a process of complicated economics, this then gradually makes the price of everything rise so that your money is worth less.

Gold injection is when a game mechanic creates coins directly rather than either creating items or moving coins around between players. Coinshare does this by giving the players who use it money immediately, even if the item doesn't sell or isn't worth what the GE thinks it's worth.

We have an upcoming change, which was supposed to be in next week's update but looks likely to slip to the week after, which is going to address this. With the new system, Coinshare will work a little differently.

When you kill a boss in a group which has chosen to use Coinshare, the drop will be split up into 120 identical shards. These shards will be distributed equally to everyone in the group. Shards can be combined together into the item if you have any 120 of them. This means each member of the group is free to sell their shards (for an expected value of 1/120th of the market price of the item) or hold on to them and try to collect enough from future drops to finish the object.

(Shards will be put directly in your bank rather than sitting in your inventory so you don't need to worry about running out of room on a long bossing session.)

I won't lie, this will be an inconvenience for some bossers. Rather than getting the money directly, you'll now have to sell the items yourself. However, that convenience was coming at the expense of the long-term health of the economy and ultimately reducing the value of everyone's RS 2007 Gold.

There is one direct benefit though, which is that items which have a street value higher than max cash (like Vorago's drops on launch) can now actually get that value from Coinshare because the total of 120 shards of that item can exceed max cash.

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