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Changes To Old School Runescape

We are sure that there is bound to be some changes coming to the world of Old School Runescape soon, what with the game getting ready to drop on mobile devices. But we all have our own opinions on things that they feel could be good changes. Well, today we are taking a break from talking about Old School Runescape and we are talking out loud about a few interesting changes we think people might like.

Changes To Old School Runescape

More Multi Player Focused Quests

Ugh playing with other people is the worst. May be what some of you are thinking, but despite being a huge MMO, OSRS often feels like a single player that just so happens to have other real people getting in the way. If Jagex could make some fun and engaging multiplayer quests that require teamwork in order to get awesome loot. It could make people actually want to play and communicate with each other.

Make Seasons A Big Deal

Jagex is awesome at creating fun events, most of which do tie into a season, summer and winter for example. But we think that really going all in and making huge seasonal changes to the world of Runescape would be a lot of fun and they could even introduce a lot of new mini games that are also seasonal based, where they are only playable because of things like snow and hot weather.

More Or Fewer Quests

Some of us love the Runescape lore and love more story. Others hate it and see quests and text about quests as just a roadblock to them getting loot! Maybe having an option to turn off quests or just give the bare bones information about what is required would be good for players who do not care about the story, but still want the gear that completing a quest offers.

These are just a few of the ideas of the top of our head. What about you guys? What are some changes you would like to see in Old School Runescape?

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