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Change EOC Pking In Runescape

I'm just guessing but i think i can speak on behalf of the entire eoc pking community that with the introduction of legacy, which brought changes to eoc pking, has completely killed it off. It is sad to walk into w2 now to see that there is no one even there. I know someone will probably be smart and say there was no one pking anyways, but there were more people during eoc pking than there are now in the wildy on w2.

I know none of these things I am about to say are even going to be looked at yet taken into consideration due to the fact that pking has always been dictated by the majority of the people playing runescape (which has always been pvmers). So what I want as well as all of the other pkers I know, is that we want pre-legacy pking back. I am not saying change legacy at all. I am just saying that eoc pking should be changed back to the way it was before the legacy update occured.

The reason I want it to go back to what it was before, is because anyone regardless of defense level can stand a chance against another player. I myself have 1 defense and i can easily tank a maxed player with a full inventory of food. That is not right. So in order to change eoc pking, it should be reverted back to the way it was pre-legacy. There are a few things that have got to change:


The skull system lets everyone keep 3 to 4 rs 2007 items and that is just terrible. When you walk into the wildy there should be a sense of danger. Walking around keeping 3-4 items is not danger what so ever. The skulls should be taken away to return the wildy back to a more traditional 'dangerous' place.


Stuns should do what they they are named, stun people. This means no eating, moving, or prayer switching. Right now eating is allowed through stuns and on top of that adrenaline does not even fall in a pvp fight. So make stunning abilities please stun like the basic abilities as well as the thresholds which previously did stun because this nullifies the use of freedom and anticipation.


Its too damn high that if anyone that knows how to pk can easily stay alive regardless of their defense level.

Eoc vs. Legacy:

This is and will always be an unfair fight due to the fact that eoc will always win if the legacy player runs out of spec. Yes, legacy does more damage but it is way too slow in comparison to eoc. Someone can get a few hits in before legacy players can even attack. If something should be done is to keep both of them seperate unless people would like to keep them together which I think is very foolish.

"Smashing" prayers:

In eoc this was exclusive to melee since regardless in the combat triangle was the worst out of the three. Now, everything can 'smash' prayers making mage so overpowered. Yes range has a 'smash' prayer option but it takes some time to get and if an ability is used prior to it finishing, then no prayer will off at all RS Power leveling it useless. It was an ability that was for melee only, and should be returned to that due to the fact that range and mage can stun instantly with the smashing of prayers. They should return the 'smashing' back to how it was and supposed to be for only one combat style. This should stay constant even with the introduction of legacy.

These are only a few suggestion but, like I said before, pkers from eoc have quit pking due to the fact that pking has been ruined as a result of these few things. And I know none of this will be taken into consideration from real pkers who have pked all through eoc and before that, people have said that posting on the forums helps and I did it. Again, pking should not be dictated by pvmers who accidentally got or witnessed a kill in the wildy, but by actual pkers who have pked and gone in the wildy intentionally.

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