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Can You Get A Runescape Bond In Only 6 Hours?

Hey, guys as always a big thank you to those who have been coming here to buy OSRS Gold. We have worked really hard to make sure it is as low priced as possible. The point of today's blog post is Runescape Bonds. Bonds can be great if you want to get some membership keys, runes or just for having something to sell or bargain with.

What got us on this train of thought was FlippingOldschool, who is a YouTuber and he set himself the goal of trying to get a Bond in only around 6 hours of game time. Now he gives a few reasons for this like if you got hacked, did not have much game time left and wanted to get a bond as quickly as possible. But for us, we love it when people take on this kind of challenge. Check out his channel and give the video a watch as it is pretty interesting to see.

While we think it is pretty cool, you would really have to be a very respectable level in order to get a bond this quickly. He gives it his best college try, but he just cannot quite get it done in the five hours he initially sets himself.

We would love to hear from you guys about this kind of thing. Do you think it is possible to get a bond is 5 hours, or even sooner? Have you tried it or would you even attempt it? Also, do you enjoy watching other OSRS players do this kind of thing? We love the community and seeing people take the time to challenge themselves is one of the things we find fun.

Thanks for reading and make sure you buy Old School Runescape Gold.  While we have it at such a low, low price!

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