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Buy Runefest Tickets Early Bird Pricing

Hey, you! Take a break from looking at our great deals on Runescape Gold as we have some pretty exciting news about this 2017 Runefest event. Runefest 2017 will be held in London, England on the date of 23rd of September. People from all over the world will be participate this event and it does look like it is going to be extra awesome this year.

Buy Runefest Tickets Early Bird Pricing

There is a special kind of tickets available for you people who cannot wait! If you order your tickets before the 3rd of July then you qualify for the early bird special which is offering you a hell of a saving.

Early Bird Runefest Only: This is for entry to just the actual event and if you order before the 3rd of July the ticket will cost you £99. Tickets bought after this date will cost £120, so it is a pretty big saving.

Early Bird Runefest & Night Before: As well as your ticket for Runefest, you get entry to the party that is happening the night before! Order before 3rd of July and this double ticket will cost you £125. Order after and it is £145.

All the info can be found on the Runefest website.

Now, of course, there is a booking fee to add to this, but we feel in general this is a great deal. If you know you are going to go, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this offer and have a bit more spending money in your pocket.

Here at, we are sure happy to see this and hope many of you take advantage of this offer, as well as our own offer on rs gold that is happening right now.

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