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Bum Money From Anja = Easy Money!!!

We really do love Runescape here at and love how Jagex just put so many weird things in the game and one of the weirdest that we have come across is the lovely Anja.

Now Anja is a sweet lady who lives in Rimmington. You just walk into her house, talk to her a little bit and you can beg her for money! She will give you one or two coins and it takes no time at all so for this very little effort you can make over 600 coins in an hour!

It is really funny to us that Runescape would even have something like this in the game and the back and forth dialogue between you and Anja is actually pretty funny and well worth actually paying attention to at least once.

There are some amusing videos online of people showing off just how much money they have managed to get off her and how long they have been willing to just keep doing this over and over again. It makes us think that she must be way richer than she lets on and also that she must have pockets that are like bottomless pits!

We know that this is not the most profitable way to make some extra money, but it is still kind of fun to do. We would love for you guys to tell us just how much money you have bummed from Anja in a single gaming session and what is the most time you have spent doing this, also did you feel bad just continuously hounding her for money?

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