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Botting the economy for legitamate players who wish to make their own money in RS

Most of them more than likely have mains where they transfer their rs gold/old school rs gold every day. Almost every botter transfers their rs gold&osrs gold / botted goods on a daily basis. At least the smart ones do. I'm botting on a throwaway account just to see how long it takes to get banned, nothing i bot will be put into the economy just for the sake of testing. I've had accounts last 2 days and ive had accounts last months, I've noticed that if you do a few quests and get past 3 combat chances are the account lasts longer, all my lvl 3 accounts have died in less than a week. I used to bot all the time and i still have access to some good scripts, its always nice to know if jagex is actually doing their job and if reports even do anything.

runescape Botting

Often bans are made through IP bans if you have a few too many accounts on the same router. I'm not saying you should stop, that's your own choice, just watch out bruther. Your really better off bottling an account(s) (do more than 1 account at once so that if you get banned on 1 guy they dont all get banned, and dont focus on 1 skill. That just makes you stick out.) because what those account sellers do is wait till you load that account full of nice things then recover it back using whatever methods they can. Heard it happen so many times its amazing people still do it.

Botting the economy for legitamate players who wish to skill and make their own money. I'm an ex botter and i can admit that dumping a ton of your product at once can work just as bad as a merchanting clan if you had enough accounts running. plsying legitamate its pretty hard to make money doing anything other than slayer or staking because of how bad bots are.

Lets say if there were ZERO botters in runescape and legit players had to get every skilling item. With that low of a supply how much do you think extremely botted items (bowstrings, yew logs, coal, iron ore, etc) would be. It would obviously give more incentive to the legitimate players to train skills such as mining and woodcutting because there would be more demand for their produce due to the lower ammount of such items flooding the Grand Exchange. Supply and demand, with less bots legitimate players will eventually start to take over skill positions when there is a massive demand driving up prices on materials. I realize that prices could be driven down by legit players in the same such way. But there would never be such an influx of materials in the same way a bot can introduce them. All i was trying to get across is that if there are more legits and less bots the game will have a healthier economy and legitimate players will have a reason to train skills that they cant find the time for because there is no money to be made.

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