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Boss Pets In Runescape

While we love how you guys keep coming back to check out our very low priced RS Gold we also love to talk to you about some of the things we like and find interesting about Runescape. We talked about earlier Boss Pets In Old School Runescape. Today we want to share with you what some of the favorite Runescape Boss Pets are in the office.

Ok so first of all, we know that some of these are super hard to get, but we are not focusing on that. We just wanted to pick a couple that we thought were really cool!

Boss Pets In Runescape

Vitalis: How can you not think Vitalis is awesome? He has just a ton of personality, one of the most fun things you can do actually is, try to put an item on him only for him to tell you, he is not interested in that! If there is another Vitalis close by they can actually interact with each other which is really cool.

Rex Hatchling: Ok so the Rex Hatchling may not have the personality that Vitalis does, but we still think this is a really cool Runescape Boss Pet. Just think about it, you are wandering around with a freaking mini Dagannoth Rex! That is just awesome and we really like the overall design of this pet as it makes your character look even more badass if they have one of these at their side.

Lil' Tuzzy: Ok so Lil' Tuzzy may not exactly be a cuter version of Tuz like the name suggests and getting one of these can be a real chore. But what we really like about Lil' Tuzzy is how it actually looks like a pet. It is like you have your very own demonic looking dog following you around. Sure it may be a bit on the ugly side, but Lil' Tuzzy just has a really cool look that warns people not to mess with you!

So that is our favorite Runescape Boss Pets, but what about you. What Boss Pet do you feel is the cutest or just has the coolest design? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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