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Bonds won't be runescape effective long

In the long run, the Bonds won't be effectively compete with the runescape gold farmers. Here is why.

1. Bonds cost more money for the 'gold buyer'. And will continue to do so as they crash. This means gold buyers will sooner or later say "the hell with this, this is a rip off!" and return to buying from gold farmers.

2. Bonds don't have enough benefits (low spins and runecoins) for their prices. This is why price falls leading to problem 1.

Three things that Jagex can do that IMO won't work.

1. Lower the cost of IRL money to buy bonds: Problem here is that Jagex will have less revenue in total if the bonds are more cheap then conventional payment. So they lose overall

2. Buy the bonds on the GE themselves, artificially inflating the prices so the players selling the bonds "get more" for what they pay. This would never work because it would be extremely corrupt and the consumers will just go back to buying from Gold Farmers who at least aren't con-artists. (Ironic lol)

3. Increase the benefits of bonds whether its more spins or runecoins. This would lead to the same outcome as 1. The bond alternative will cost less then conventional payments for the spins and runecoins. Jagex loses money overall.

This pretty much sums up who Bonds in practice will most likely lose against the Runescape 2007 Gold Farmers at the end.It simply cannot compete.

Some money hungry people will buy bonds no matter what, as long as they get money ingame.
And no, if it were to crash - it should've already
Its been stable for almost 2 weeks, I think the current price (5-6m) is what it'll stay at.

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