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Best Runescape Melee Weapons

While we never take a break from offering cheap Runescape Gold. We did decide to take five minutes to have a look at the Runescape Reddit page where we saw a heated debate about the best weapons for slayer and killing monsters in Runescape. The Dragon Rider Lance was a main part of this debate. But we wanted to start our own debate and we are doing that by picking some of what we consider to be the best Runescape Melee Weapons!

Best Runescape Melee Weapons

Drygore Longsword

Ok so only one person in the office has this, but this is a monster that has damage at 1102 and 4057 points in accuracy. It is incredible, does just a ton of damage and gives you ten hours of use before repair, speaking of which will cost you the better part of a million! So you better stock up on Runescape Gold!

Drygore Mace

There is just something so cool about taking down an enemy with a mace. We really like this as it is pretty darn cost effective. The accuracy it also offers is very impressive and it offers a nice amount of damage also. Plus let's not forget about that nice Prayer bonus you get.

Chaotic Rapier

Now, this is really cool. We feel this is one of the best weapons for those of you who like to play the game fast paced. It offers you some real fast hitting action, great accuracy and it deals a lot of damage. It is a great weapon to wield in boss battles when you want to dish out some quick damage.

Now, these are just three of the top weapons in the game and we know that you would need to have a very nice, Runescape Gold stockpile. But we would love to hear what you guys consider to be the best melee weapons in Runescape in the comments section down below.

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