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Best Monsters To Kill In Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape is awesome! The folks who pulled this off did a great thing and it is cool having something to do with a stockpile of Runescape Gold! Still today we are not telling you what to spend your OSRS gold on. We are having a little fun talking about some of the best monsters to kill in Old School Runescape.

runescape Best Monsters


While Venenatis offers you the chance to get mysterious emblem while he falls. In general this is always going to give you something good. Dragon pickaxe and Treasonous Ring are a couple if the highlights that Venenatis can drop! Plus putting him down is pretty easy.


First of all how can you not love the look of the Old School Runescape Kraken? Anyway You will want to save your Runescape gold as when you defeat the Kraken you get some awesome stuff. Trident Of The Seas and a Kraken Tentacle are two very cool items. Plus there is always the chance he will drop the baby Kraken pet which is a fun and cute follower.


Rex had to make our list. Not because he is going to give you a load of OSRS gold, but because he is very consistent with drops and he is pretty damn easy to defeat as well. What you can expect to get when you kick his butt are things like Warrior Ring, Dragon Axe and Berserker Ring. If you want an easy to beat boss who offers good loot then REX is for you.

Skeletal Wyvern

The easiest boss to kill and thanks to being buffed recently he drops some fantast stuff. You can get some great items here so make sure you have plenty of Runescape Gold as you may want to buy items that complement the loot you will get here! Dragon Plateskirt and Dragon Platelegs are not only cool, but they are also very useful. As well as this you can also potentially get a Draconic Visage as well. 

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