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Best Items For Thieving In Old School Runescape

You got to pick a pocket or two, was what some guy in Oliver Twist said, but Thieving is a very useful skill in OSRS and today we are giving you some tips on how to be better at it…. All the while we are picking your pocket for any loose change you may have.

Best Items For Thieving In Old School Runescape

Gloves Of Silence

These are awesome as you only need 54 Hunter to wear them and you are looking at about two grand to buy them. They give you 5 percent increase rate and last for 62 failed pickpockets so you can get a lot of thieving done with these.

Thieving Skillcape

Ok so if you are training thieving this is pointless as you need to already be at 99 Thieving. But this is worthwhile if you just love stealing from people! This gives you an impressive 10 percent increase in pulling off a successful pickpocket. It does cost around 99 k so it is pretty expensive like other Skillcapes.

Rogues Outfit

If you are going to be a crook you might as well look like one. To get the Rogues Outfit you need to get it from the Rogue's Den mini game and also be at 50 Agility and 50 Thieving. If you have the full outfit any loot that you get is doubled! It takes around an hour or so to get all the pieces. Do not mess around with just a couple of pieces of the outfit, go for the whole thing! Thanks for reading and be sure to score all the OSRS Gold you need from our Old School Runescape Hot Sale!

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