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Best F2P Oldschool runescape gold making guide in 2018, Lower Risk osrs gold merchant way, No break jagex rules.


Here's a Osrs gold merchant guide for those who would like to turn some acorns into oak trees. Possible to make Hundreds of Million osrs gold. It is F2P. And nothing in this guide breaks any RuneScape rules. It is more efficient without it!


29.4m OSRS GP

70 Minutes of Startup Playtime

1 Mule/Main Account

5 Minutes of Playtime per Day


Mind runes, body runes, water runes, earth runes, fire runes, air runes, rune essence, willow logs, maple logs, feathers, All of these items have a median guide price of 4-6 gp. All of them instabuy at median guide price. All of them instasell at 1 gp under guide price.

My preferred items are willow logs, maple logs, and feathers.

Your offers collect ~150k of these combined every 24 hours.

You profit 1 gp on every item, for a total of 150k gp profit per 24 hours.

You have 3 offer slots.

4.2m GP split between these 3 slots is enough to last 7 days.

1.4m dedicated to each item.



Create 7 accounts.

I average 10 mins from the start of tutorial island until I reach the Grand Exchange.

70 minutes > 7 accounts at the Grand Exchange.

Trade each account 4.2m from your main/mule.

7 accounts > 29.4m

Initiate offers for your 3 chosen items at 1 gp under it's median guide price.

1.4m into each offer so it lasts 7 days.

Take 5 minutes each day to check one account and trade the items to your main.

You have an account for Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun.

Trade the account 4.2m for new offers, and trade your remaining GP and items purchased back to your main/mule.

Sell the items on your main/mule for 1 gp over your purchased price.

Since you're checking each account once every 7 days, your profit from each day will have accumulated.

150k (x) 7 days = 1050k.

1050k every five minutes you check the account.

1050k for five minutes of play every day, since you have an account for all 7 days.

7350k each cycle, 29.4m every 28 days



14 accounts (10 mins/day)

140 minutes of startup time

58.8m OSRS GP

1 main/mule

10 minutes of playtime per day

Profit = 2100k/day, 14.7m each cycle, 58.8m every 28 days

(Check 2 accounts per day)


28 accounts (20 mins/day)

280 minutes of startup time

117.6m OSRS GP

1 main/mule

20 minutes of playtime per day

Profit = 4200k/day, 29.4m each cycle, 107.6m every 28 days

(Check 4 accounts per day)


84 accounts (1 hour/day)

840 minutes of startup time

352.8m OSRS GP

60 minutes of playtime per day

Profit = 12600k/day, 88.2m each cycle, 352.8m every 28 days.

(Check 12 accounts per day)

The possibilities are endless, for those who have the time and energy.


Note: You can start small and grow over time by just adding 1 account to your merchanting army every day, rather than grind out tutorial island like a drone for many hours.

Secondly, you may need to invest more into your offers if they fill up more quickly, depending on which low-risk item you choose to purchase. These numbers are based on items that you will buy for 4 gp and sell for 5 gp.


Lastly, this is not against the RuneScape rules. It is on the Rules page that a user can have as many accounts as they like, as long as they aren't collaborating to control the outcome of minigames, for example.

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