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Bar Fights make a great substitute for Black Knight Titan

RuneScape Frank isn't really replaceable, though you can remove him. He's in there to counter the Gold Gain Ozan deck strategy, which is fairly niche (though removing your opponents runescape gold can be useful elsewhere. There are other cards which remove runescape gold, but not close to the scale of frank. If you like the card draw aspect go snowy wolf, but otherwise I'd add more weapon grief, as weapons are a fairly common occurrence across the board.

Speaking of which, there are a couple good alternatives to Black Knight Titan. Bar fight (remove 2 durability, battle opponent) and Kalphite Emissary (4/4, rival loses 5 armour and 3 durability. 1 rs gold reward) are both good weapon counters. Bar fight can remove 3 durability if you take a hit, and as you're stacking base attack also gives you a means to hit your opponent. Emissary can provide a small counter to armour decks, and allows you to remove durability without having to fight your rival (if that might kill you).

Black Knight Titan

The plan was to do the beginner decks as the ground work for more advanced decks. As the game is in its infancy, it made sense to do that first, but now I'm going to start branching out and show casing more advanced stuff like this.

As for replacements, i usually suggest Slimetoes for Kayle Runescape, but this deck has both. Runescape KGP is the sub for Kyzaj, but again this deck has both. Vorago doesn't really have an equivalent and only exists as a big weapon to equip at the end if against an ap deck, so can be excluded, and there's no real good alternatives to frank, though if you like the card draw do white wolf. I would add 2 and maybe some more heals if i needed to replace everything.

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