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Author of The History of RuneScape

Some of the information about Bluerose13x, Zarfot and So Wreck3d is very incorrect.:

History of RuneScape

-Bluerose13x: Was one of the first high-level smiths, but was against the monopoly introduced by other players. At first she did care about profit, but only for a very short time, after which she offered her services completely for free. This move in combination with what was called the "Runite Revolution" caused prices of rune armour to fall in 2002. - It is incorrect to state that she alone controlled the market, other high-level smiths were involved too immediately after the release of rune armour. Source: Whitemagem (Runescape1 high-level smith) and player testimonials.

-Zarfot did not discover/found one-tick training methods. They had existed and been used long before his time already. Zarfot only popularized those methods due to his YouTube videos and forum guides, but he did not discover/found them. Source: Zarfot.

-So Wreck3d is NOT what led to the release of the OSRS. In 2012 there was a very popular unreleased 2006 or 2007 private server. It only had forums at that time where people were awaiting the public release. Once 100k accounts had been created, Jagex took legal action and forced their shutdown. This happened at the end of 2012 and even a post was made by a Jmod in a thread on the RSOF in which the names of the private server's creators were listed (either as a warning or as part of some joke about their shutdown, I can't remember which). Either way, those are very clear signs that the extreme popularity of that unreleased private server is what convinced Jagex to release OSRS, even though they probably won't admit that. Source: me (I followed the server at that time).

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