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A lot of my friends don't like Runescape 3 is because

That's very sad but very silly too, be more careful with your Runescape GP because, although I don't condone Real world trading, that's like £200 worth of GP you've gambled away.

Unless you know exactly how to stake and are good at it (or if you don't care about losing money) then you should NEVER stake any amounts of money that matter to you, because you will probably come up against people that know what they're doing and they will thrash you. Even if it feels at the time like you're getting close to beating them, the majority of the time you probably aren't and just don't realise how much better they are.

Runescape 3

Not always, the reason I and my friends don't like Runescape 3 is because:

1) there's significant MTX,

2) it's reached a point where everything happens too fast and is focused on end-game,

3) PvP balance hasn't been good, and 4) the combat is at an awkward inbetween stage where it feels like it's not much more interesting than OSRS's, but is sort of pointlessly convoluted in some ways.

In other words, it feels like Runescape 3 has taken too much out of other, more generic MMO games, but it's not as good at doing it as other generic MMO games so it feels like unnecessary changes to the more unique Runescape formula.

The most active players in the OSRS community are the ones who play it the most. Logically, they will most likely be near-maxed. Sadly, this is just a small portion of the whole community. Adding this in the game won't revive Runescape. The focus should be on the mid tier, where there are a bunch of players who do not continue because grinding skills becomes repetitive and boring. If the modteam thinks that adding elite-tier activities and items will stop Runescape from dying out, they're horribly mistaken.

No quests which means little interesting interaction with that part of the world and content of Runescape. Adding quests in the Elf/Plague series (and doing it right this time), Myreque series, or adding the amazing and awesome 'While Guthix Sleeps' quests is way more valuable content. This builds a connection of the player towards the world, something which has been done sublimely in the past.

This is just my opinion though, as a casual RS player.

How hard is it to make osrs run on something else beside a single core? This is a genuine question by the way. I'm assuming it'll take a lot of time but I think it's worth it.

I'm just curious. I mean, even if it ran using the shittiest graphics card you can find, I bet you would get better performance than you are right now. I have an i5 6500k and I still get dips when there's a lot of people on screen at once. Not much though, probably like a 5-10 fps dip here and there. My point is, it doesn't matter how powerful your CPU is because you're always going to get performance drops because it's only using one core. Even when designing the raid, they kept this in mind and simplified the boss's in terms of graphics to keep the dips at a minimum. If osrs ran on the GPU like the OSBuddy guys are trying to do, you would virtually never get a performance drop at all.

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