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A Beginners Guide To Slayer Locations In OSRS

Slayer in OSRS is awesome and many people who are looking to buy Old School RS Gold are new players trying to get their head around Slayer. Well, today we have a basic guide on the Slayer locations for those of you who are thinking of taking the Slayer challenge!

A Beginners Guide To Slayer Locations In OSRS

The Slayer Tower: This is the most basic and has a good selection of Slayer monsters for your to kill. You will find that The Slayer Tower is less crowded than some of the other locations so this would be a good place to start.

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon: The dungeon has a nice amount of monsters here, but if your Agility is not too high, reaching some of the ones at the end of the dungeon can be a bit annoying, it is also quite crowded so keep that in mind.

Stronghold Slayer Cave: This is not for total beginners as it has higher level monsters assigned by higher/medium level Slayer Masters, you can use a cannon in here and the fact it is pretty close to a bank is a nice bonus.

Catacombs Of Kourend: Think of this one as being like The Stronghold Slater Cave, but the monsters are stronger. With that though comes much better drops and just an all round efficiency that makes it one of the more popular Slayer locations in OSRS. Without teleports, it can be a real trek to get here to make sure you have teleports.

Chasm Of Fire: You can do really well here as there are Black and Greater Demons located here. We actually really like the Chasm Of Fire, but you will need to have teleports unlocked as it can take an age to get here.

Kalphite Cave: As you would expect, Kalphite Cave is full of Kalphite bugs which can be annoying to kill and kind of gross to look at! Not much to say about this one, we do not see people have much trouble with it.

Slayer is a lot of fun and something that is well worth doing as the perks are great. If you need to buy OSRS Gold for as cheap as price as possible to make sure you are ready for Slayer, we can help you out. Just remember that while hard, Slayer is also a lot of fun.

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